The Citizenship & Residence Research Consultants (CRRC) is engaged in independent research in global financial, political and especially migration issues, including investor-class emigration.

Johann van Rooyen is the founding Director of CRRC, holds a PhD from the University of Cape Town and is the author of five books on socio-political topics. He presents his research at international conferences and through the media and blogs. See more at:

Daniel Silke is a non-executive Director of CRRC and is one of South Africa’s leading political economy analysts, futurists and keynote speakers. He is a former Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. For more information, see his website at

The Directors can be booked as guest speakers on a fee-basis, either individually and jointly, with Dr. van Rooyen focussing on Migration-related topics and Mr. Silke on the global political economy. Please contact CRRC for more information: