About the Author

Johann van Rooyen completed a PhD at the University of Cape Town in 1992, specializing in nationalism and identity politics in pre-1994 South Africa. He lectured part-time at the Universities of Cape Town and Rhodes and published several political works during the 1990s, including the critically acclaimed Hard Right: South Africa's New White Power (St Martin’s Press, New York).

In 2000 he wrote the definitive book on South African emigration titled: The New Great Trek - the Story of South Africa's White Exodus, published by Unisa Press. In 2010 he published the biography of one of South Africa's greatest Afrikaner entrepreneurs, businessman Renier van Rooyen, the founder of Pep Stores.

Following five years of research, the 4th edition of Van Rooyen’s first eBook was published in 2018, titled Residency and Citizenship through Investment 2018: Investment Migration Options for Emigrants, Expatriates and Global Citizens.

Dr van Rooyen is Director of Citizenship & Residence Research Consultants (CRRC), which focusses on select aspects of global migration. He presents new research in book form, at international conferences and through the media and blogs.