This website deals with global mobility and migration and the options available to would-be emigrants. It is based on the recently-published eBook Global Mobility and Migration 2019: A Guide for Skilled Workers, Entrepreneurs, Retirees, Investors, and Refugees.  

It looks at five options available to migrants in close to 50 host countries, and the immigration requirements and incentives applicable to skilled workers,  entrepreneurs, retirees, investors, and refugees.

While it is essentially a how-to guide, the eBook on which this website is based asserts that migration mostly is a positive force, and if managed responsibly, promotes economic growth and enhances a benign diversity. 

The eBook and website also examine the driving forces behind the global movement of people There are 244 million migrants spread out across the world in 2019, totaling 3.3% of the world’s population. Annually more than three million additional asylum-seekers and economic migrants join an estimated 13 million skilled workers, professionals and retirees who permanently cross international borders. The 34 OECD member countries annually receive about five million new legal permanent immigrants, four million temporary foreign workers, three million international students and 100,000 high net worth individuals. 

Socio-economic factors and the desire for a better quality of life is the main driver behind migration, closely followed by political instability and a lack of personal safety. For many older migrants from the developed world, the driver is simply to relocate to affordable countries that will offer them the opportunity to retire in comfort.  The fourth driver is global mobility and the aspiration for global citizenship, in other words, the idea that one’s identity transcends political borders - this includes the movement of skilled labour across the world.

The eBook covers five main options available to migrants and covers 50-plus countries:
1. Skills and points-based migration refers to a merit-based system where the eligibility to immigrate is determined by the ability to score above a threshold of points based on several criteria.
2. Business and Entrepreneurial Migration is applicable to entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists who want to relocate to a foreign host country.
3. Foreign retirement options are offered by countries across the globe to retirees who have sufficient income.
4. Fast and low-cost citizenship by investment (CBI) is a way to acquire a 2nd citizenship and a relatively powerful passport in exchange for a once-off government contribution or a property investment.
5. Refugee and asylum-seekers are persons who flee their country of origin because of conflict, persecution, and disadvantageous economic conditions, and who receive protection under international law.

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